Helena Asikainen - C.I.D
Founder & Principal




MEI Interiors has more than 23 years of Kitchen & Bath design, remodeling and renovation experience. Principal and founder Helena Asikainen has serviced clients throughout North America and Scandinavia.

Helena is the only award winning, certified Scandinavian interior designer in the GTA who is fiercely committed to guiding homeowners like you to achieve custom designed and timeless kitchen and bath renovations of your dreams.  Helena’s approach reflects your unique personality and lifestyle, stays within budget and add both value and enjoyment to your home for many years to come!

If you are looking for a proven professional who will create a truly customized solution for you and take care of all the details of your renovation project, you’ve come to the right place.

I help you take the worry and hassle out of your next reno. My specialty is saving you money while getting you the kitchen and bath of your dreams!”


·      Is a fully certified and insured interior decorator

·       Is a member of Canadian Decorators’ association (CDECA) and Interior Décor Recourses Canada (IDRC)

·      Has a proven record of selecting only the best licensed and insured trade professionals

·      Has insider access to professional décor places and galleries

·      Has extensive experience in global sourcing to get you the best price and

·      Brings a unique, modern, European flair to her designs that is unmatched in the Halton Region

Helena knows that working with a qualified and experienced professional is important because you as the homeowner need to be confident that you are trusting your home to someone with right knowledge and experience to do work right, thus eliminating common worries about

·      Going over budget

·      Hiring the wrong contractors

·      Being out of a kitchen or bath for many months

·      Being out-dated in just a year or two

With a keen eye for quality, a client-centered approach and 15 years of experience working with amazing clients with similar worries and concerns Helena's competent and professional guidance helped them to achieve remarkable success.

Helena specializes in designing solutions for all kinds of different desires and design challenges:

·      Health related issues

·      Mobility related needs

·      Empty nester dreams

·      What will be trendy, timeless and increase the value of your home for years to come

·      Even some unexpected luxury maybe?

It is Helena's passion is to help you get you the kitchen and bath of your dreams while having a stress-free experience and being on time and on budget!

My Story:

Growing up in picturesque Scandinavia has strongly influenced my love for beautiful and practical designs as well as implementing a business model based on excellence and hard work.

I have never been one who is afraid to get her hands dirty and have built and renovated many of my own homes. From concrete mixing all the way to putting the finishing touches on by choosing just the right drapery panels, I have always loved being involved in all aspect of the building and design process. Having lived in condos, town houses and single-family homes, 15 in total, I fully appreciate what moving and relocation demands from you and your family, and how to do it effectively.

My life in the USA and finally settling in Canada has also given appreciation and ideas of North American customs and taste.

After graduating from Sheridan College I have been focused on remodeling kitchens and bathrooms because they are both the most demanding and rewarding spaces to deal with.

Contractors love to work with me because I know my stuff. My customers love me because I just get things done on time and saving them lots of money with my innovative solutions.

To me, design is art and skill that takes both a passion as well as the right knowledge. Thus I have served as an executive director of CDECA GTA West Chapter for many years. I volunteer my time as a mentor helping new decorators and business orientated young students, which I find rewarding and fulfilling. Supporting Rotary Club with their efforts to help the local community and world wide programs has been very important to me as well.