14 Common Mistakes in kitchen design

The heart of the home, the kitchen is often a source of pride to the homeowners. I wonder how many times have we visited a newly renovated kitchen or a new kitchen in a new property just to notice that certain things should have been done differently.  Below are few observations I have made for you to learn from:

·  It is very common that the dishwasher is in the wrong spot: you cannot reach storage cupboard or shelves when emptying it, or it is not next to water tap for rinsing, or it is too far from the garbage bin.

·  The most often the garbage or recycling bins are in the sink cabinet. They should be in better places; in next cabinet over so you don’t have to move about when clearing dishes or preparing food

·  Wall ovens or even ranges are next to the fridge. I wonder why that      might be a problem.

·  Wall ovens are at a wrong height or you do not have a place close by to put down your hot pans or pots

·   Hood is at wrong height or it is a wrong kind, you should always consider people while not compromising a building code or regulations

·  Counters are too high or too low for the people living in the house.

·  Upper cabinets are too high, so only the lower shelves can be reached.

·  Under cabinet lighting is on your face.

·  Lighting creates lots of shadows

·  Food preparing area and water source are too far from each other.

·  Fridge is so far from the table or island that one has to take steps to put food down

·  Good old “work triangle” is too big or off balance

·  Counter top edge does extend beyond cabinets (some exceptions because of cabinet styles)

·  Cabinet handles may not be easy to use with longer nails.

It is fun to flip through magazines and catalogs to admire different styles and designs of kitchens. Look a bit closer and you will soon notice, that perhaps a designer should have put a bit more effort in the function still not needing to compromise the style.

I have Scandinavian heritage, Finnish actually, therefore, next time I will give you “12 tips from Scandinavian kitchen design”

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