12 Important considerations of kitchen design and renovation every homeowner should think about before getting started

You and your family will be living “off the kitchen” for years to come. Therefore, there are many considerations about how to approach your renovation project. Before you start, read, visit, discuss and learn as much as possible.

•    What is your budget? This, of course, depends on your must haves and wants; must haves, for example, are counters, faucet, sink etc. and wants are quartz counters, touch-less faucet,  and sinks with extra gadgets. 

•    Consider whether the planned renovation brings more value to your property, matches the style of your house and also whether it brings functionality to your home

•    Match the value of the house to your new kitchen

•    How long should (might) the renovation take, realistic expectations; from cabinet order to the delivery could be from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. The lead time for countertops, which need to be fitted after the cabinets are in place could take 2 to 4 weeks, and after counters comes backsplash tiling (and, of course, you have other trades to coordinate within this time frame)

•    Even if you do most of the work by yourself, it is still worth it to know more about details and possibilities

•    Don’t screw up with your home insurance, check if you need a permit; it is good to inform your insurance company about your renovation. This will ensure that if something goes wrong you are covered. Even if your contractor has insurance it may not cover your personal costs in case you have to move out from your house or if an accident damages your house permanently.

•    Where can you find a reliable, good contractor, plumber, and other trades?

Not all ratings and reviews are reliable to rely on. People are different, some are easy and pleasant to work with, and others are less so.

•    Where can you find the best value for your money? If you find a brand name bargain they could be different in quality; many big box store companies order brand name products just for their own sale, so they have been modified to match the price point.

•    Do you have good project management skills; or do you plan to find a project coordinator? The time management is the key issue in order to save money and ensure smooth project execution.

•    Determine what you should know when hiring contractors: licensing, insurance, do they have written contracts with terms and conditions and work description etc.

•    There are many cabinetmakers and many price points, how do you know which is the best deal and who is able to meet your requirements.

•    Can a professional designer help you through this?

Kitchen renovation projects and planning of the kitchen for your new house is fun and interesting, and the end result should really make you proud and happy. Therefore, take your time and put enough energy to it and use professional help when needed.

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