12 Tips from Scandinavian Kitchen Design

The Scandinavian design has distinct characteristics which can also be seen in home and kitchen design. If you like the style maybe you can implement some of these in your own design.

Scandinavian kitchen 2.jpeg

Make space look spacious

Great way to achieve this is to have continuous linear lines, such as upper cabinets are on same height, there are no cut-off pillars or décor details

White rules:

Colors are for accent; back splash follows many times the colour of cabinets; tiles are of a very simple design and “colourless”, nowadays glass backsplash is very popular (you can paint the wall or have photographs behind the glass).

Plain lines make it timeless:

Less decorative handles and more push to open systems (no knobs or handles), no crown moldings or other small details, it almost looks like industrial design

Function before form:

Usually sqft in a house is much smaller than we are used to, so everything you need for cooking is ergonomically placed, no need to take extra steps (fridge position, for instance, is close to your breakfast area and also to your cooking area)

Smart solutions:

Dripping cabinet is above the sink (excellent when hand washing dishes)

Integrated cutting boards

Ergonomic garbage solutions, organic waste and recycling systems

Small appliance lifts and garages…

You may have even magnet system to keep your sponge and brush not touching the bottom sink

Easy access to electrical outlets including USB:

Nowadays many of us use tablet computers and smart phones also in the kitchen. A pop-up outlet in the countertop is really neat; however, it is important to choose the right kind for your needs (see the photo).

Many times the power outlets are integrated into the under counter light fixtures (not in your backsplash)

Under the sink and a cook top space is often been used for storage, and have cabinets/drawers.

Appliances are integrated with cabinets (same panels as cabinets)

Which are much easier to keep clean

No bumps showing like on stainless steel doors

The small space looks much bigger

Use of smaller yet efficient appliances:

Cooktops, especially induction cooktop, because they are fast, safe and energy efficient.

All appliances are counter depth and usually in smaller scale; ovens/stoves 24” wide, even fridges and freezers although very tall

Natural materials are appreciated:

Cork or wood flooring in beautiful finishes

Countertop materials include wood, soapstone, granite and even concrete

Details that make the kitchen safe:

Oven doors are cool to touch and equipped with child safety latch

Led lighting

Water outlet for dishwasher comes with an automatic shut-off valve

Heat alarms and power shut-offs

Good quality appliances: design always starts from quality appliances; that is the most important not the cabinets


Feel free to add more points. What do you see in Scandinavian kitchens?

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