How to keep kitchen renovation costs in check. Here are my tips, add yours in the comment box below.

renovation cost

The kitchen can be the most expensive space in your house. The kitchen renovations are being done on a shoestring budget; and also, $100,000 can be spent very easily. Below I am giving tips how you can achieve good value and beautiful design while minimizing the expenditure.


·      Do not relocate the sink, then you do not have to pay too much for the plumbing.

·      Do not relocate stove (230v), then you do not have to hire the electrician for rewiring.

·      Do you really need new cabinets or would repainted kitchen cabinets do?  However, let a pro do the painting and the cabinets will look like new. You can also, at the same time, change old knobs and handles

·      Appliances, buy them first, sizing may affect your design (look floor models and gently used ones). Buy good brand, this is where you should not try to compromise.

·      Make your own kitchen design drawings, including the cabinet types: drawer set, wire shelving, pots and pans, baking things, food storage, pull out, swivels etc. and make sure that cabinet sizes are very accurate. Only then go for quotes from several cabinet makers.

·      Do not waste money in fancy cabinet solutions such as the "magic corner" because the good old “Lazy Susan" is almost as good.

·      Laminate countertops are also beautiful and easy care; they come with different edge profiles. The granite surfaces are over rated when it comes to usability. Counter top pricing differs a lot: it is good to ask: is it by sqf or linear foot, is certain edge type included or are there separate pricing for different edge types, what does the installation include, how much cutting of the sink hole and faucet hole cost, how much is to install an under mount sink, what is the delivery time?

·      Butcher block island tops are great looking and wonderful to bake on. There are many products you can use to easily take care of them

·      If you have an old tile floor, you can cover it with a floating floor or with a new layer of tiles. Yes, you would need to install a ramp strip, but so what. There are great materials for flooring like “click-lock” cork, vinyl tiles even click on porcelain tiles, all these come in many colours and styles

·      Modern led lighting is easy to install in your existing pot light fixtures.

·      Check also out led cabinet under-lights, there are many you can install yourself, just read the instructions carefully that you do it in the right way

·      Purchase a good faucet and sink, you use them a lot; drop down sinks are easy to install, there are also micro edge sinks which look very contemporary

·      If you are not a DIY-person, hire a pro but be very clear with your plans and have a good contract with a detailed work description


With the points listed above you can achieve a lot for very little money, yet get a great kitchen that you can be proud of and love to invite your friends to spend time in.


Next time I will be writing about how not to approach your kitchen design: “Mistakes in kitchen design” that are easy to avoid.

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