The right backsplash brings personality to your kitchen

Large tile backsplashes

I have noticed that a backsplash with larger tiles and less grout lines is easier to clean. Glossy tiles with a little texture are the best choice for easy care. I tried huge tiles with “glue” butted seams and I loved that solution. It looked like one big continuous piece of tile.

Stainless steel backsplashes

A stainless steel backsplash is also very easy to take of care and if the metal is of good quality, no fingerprints will show. The reflective backing reflects scenery and shows watermarks, so that would not be my personal choice.

stainless steel backsplash

Stunning glass backsplashes

Glass backing reflects scenery and shows water marks, so that would not be my personal choice for a backsplash. If you choose glass with a matt finish and if you are brave enough to select coloured glass the result could be stunning. You can even put LED lights behind sand blasted glass, this way you could alter the colour of the backsplash. Also you can use photographs, wallpaper or paint behind the “matt finished” glass to give a look that is unique.

There are many glass tiles available in different colours, sizes and combinations (with stones, steels etc). Your choice in backsplash can bring out your personality and style into the kitchen. However, you’ll want to keep in mind how to keep it beautiful for years to come.

Check out CBD Glass Studios for more ideas.

glass backsplash

Granite, quartz and marble backsplashes

When you finish a backsplash with the same material as your counter you get a very continuous contemporary look for your kitchen. Now a day there are thinner boards/slabs available for backsplashes. The same instructions apply to take care of backsplash as your counter, depending of material.

quartz backplash

Creative backsplashes

If you have an artist in you, you can create unique backsplash with paint, tape, stencils and drywall compound. This is a very cost effective way to create a unique look. Just remember that using quality washable paint and a little bit patience can give you great results.

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