Different kinds of kitchen flooring

Warm cork flooring

I have found that after my many years of cooking and spending time in the kitchen that my favorite flooring material is cork. The floor colour does not need to be the cork’s natural colour. I have had different whites, water green and also a cork which looks like hardwood planks with beveled edge. It feels warm under your foot, your glass doesn’t necessarily break if/when you drop it on cork, it’s easy care, it creates less echo and it is a sustainable product. You also have endless choices of colours, patterns, sizes etc.

Luxurious hardwood

I have also liked hardwood floors in my kitchen. Many open concept designs use continuous flooring to make the space look bigger and more luxurious. In my experience hardwood is easy care, not too sensitive to water and good to stand on.

Versatile vinyl floors

Vinyl floor is also great, and nowadays you can choose vinyl tiles that look like stone, vinyl strips, which look like hardwood, and vinyl click boards, choices are endless. All of them look so real that even when touching you cannot always tell if it is the real thing. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and very quick to install. Just make sure your base work is well done.

Durable tiles

Tiles are my least favorite. Their advantage is the broad range of designs they come in. The tiles are extremely durable and if you have very high traffic areas or large pets then tiles may be your best option. The list of downsides is long, though. Tiles are cold to your feet (if not a heated floor) and hard on your back. The grout lines are challenging to clean and especially with stains that come from ketchup or red wine. Also it is a hard reflective surface, so noise and glassware breakage is an issue. Today you can find click on tiles so you do not have to clue them down and they save time.

Natural stone tiles, even after they have been sealed, are very difficult to clean because of the uneven surface. I have seen many times shiny tiles on kitchen floors and they are often really slippery. The travertine tiles with “holes” collect bacteria and dirt and are nearly impossible to keep clean.

Engineered wood floor

I have had also engineered wood white floors throughout the whole house. The flooring is very durable and you can sand it couple of times (although colour comes off). You can clean the floor with a not too wet mop easily but have to be careful leaving liquid on the surface. Also it is a good idea to put a quality underlayment that lessens noise.

Laminate flooring

This type of flooring has come a long way. There are gorgeous finishes and colours available. It is a durable flooring material if you have children with toys or you have dogs. Again it is important to choose quality underlayment avoiding kop, kop noise from your shoes.

Leather flooring

I have never had leather flooring, but I have seen it and walked on it. It seems to be very durable even if you walk with high heels on it. It comes in different colours and styles/finishes. It looks very luxurious. Have a look at Torlys for some great ideas.

So when you are choosing your next kitchen floor there are many materials to think about and keep in mind what would be best for your kitchen.

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