Choosing Materials for Your Kitchen; Cabinets

I was thinking to write about my own experiences regarding kitchen materials, about different surfaces, cabinet materials, sinks etc. I have personally cooked in 17 different kitchens of my own so far. I love to bake and cook and entertain, my kitchen has to be good and also beautiful. First thing in mind is usually what kind of cabinet doors I want, colour, style and material.

cabinetry doors

I would like to say, that light maple cabinetry was the easiest to keep clean, no finger prints, no dust showing. Only minus was that when years went by light beautiful wood became yellowish in colour. The kitchen looked classy though. The white glossy foiled cabinet doors look timeless and contemporary. They are very easy to wipe clean and you see fingerprints etc. just in certain angle. These cabinets are sensitive for scratches


White satin finish, painted cabinets were very sensitive for scratches, took more effort to keep clean and the paint wore out because of that. Also I noticed some colour change. Glossy red painted kitchen cabinetry was cheerful and easy care nothing really showed on them not even ketchup. Dark oak doors were a lot of work, all stains, water, dust etc. showed on the doors. Because of satin finish all fingerprints and grease showed and was really time consuming to clean. I do not think I would choose them again. I had also some white laminate kitchen doors with different kind of wood trims. The flat surfaces were easy to clean but wood trims on the other hand less so. This cabinetry was really child proof but did not look very attractive or timeless

Glass doors with or without frames are beautiful, especially when there is light inside the cabinetry showing off your crystal/glass ware. “Seed” glass, glass with stripes or “milk glass” is great for hiding fingerprints or camouflaging not so well organized selves.

Next time my thoughts on countertop materials, most of which I have personally used in my kitchens.

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