Storage in your kitchen

Have you ever thought about how you cook in your kitchen?

An easy way to do this is to draw a rough layout of your kitchen and circle in green your work areas; baking (counter top area, oven), food preparation (sink, cutting board, fridge), cooking (stove/ovens), and then take a red pen and draw lines back and forth as many times as you think you need to take out ingredients, pans utensils etc.

When you look at the drawing you can clearly see where your storage places should be. For instance in your baking area you need to have easy access to bowls and baking tools like rolling pins. I find drawers in base cabinets to be very useful because you can see everything when you open the drawer. This is also the area you could be put your baking, such as your flours and sugars.

The fridge needs a landing space nearby to upload and unload your groceries. Fridge drawers in base cabinetry are wonderful if they are near your food prep area. All your fresh vegetables and fruits are visible when you open the drawer.

Your food prep area should be easily accessible to your food storage areas and also to your utensil and knife drawers. You should also note that your spices and oils should be kept away from warm areas, such as your stove.

For all those extras and larger cooking ingredients, like dry foods, etc; big pantries are great (if you check that you do not accumulate too much stuff which become expired and useless). Also when you have a tall cabinet with pull out drawers please check that you actually need everything. There are also tall cabinets with a pull out front with baskets, just be careful not to drop anything behind because it is very difficult to get it out.

Happy drawing time!

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