Picking a kitchen faucet

Sometimes we really get frustrated with how our kitchen faucet works.

When we made the decision of what kind of faucet we wanted on our counter we may have not gone over all the points we should have. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find a place where faucets are connected to water on display where you can test them and see how good they are in actual use.

Faucet 3.jpg

Things to consider when choosing a kitchen faucet:

  • Handles; single handle or two or touchless: is the handle easy to operate when your hands are wet, soapy or dirty?
  • Function; spray head, pull out (what kind of hose goes in and how easy is it to keep clean?)
  • Measurements: height; total height, does it fit under cabinet etc. Is there enough space behind it to use the controls and what is the distance from the bottom of the sink to the tip of the spray (this effects how much the water will splash when turned on)
  • Style; does it go well with the overall design of the kitchen?
  • Finish; chrome or stainless steel (does the colour go with your sink and appliances), brushed nickel is sensitive to chemicals, and copper or colourful faucets are the newest trend
  • Spray; adjustable or not, easy to pull out, the right pressure, easy-to-clean and change back to the main function
  • Pressure; the right pressure to wash your dishes or is it splashing all over and making a mess?

Note - if you end up choosing a touchless faucet, make sure to test where it is too sensitive and that you can control it easily

It is important to remember that appearances in the kitchen aren’t everything, you have to also keep in mind function!

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