When it comes to the kitchen looks aren’t everything

We often see in magazines and in the media beautiful new kitchens and ideas. We get caught up in the ever changing trends and, of course, we would like to have those fabulous new looks in our own homes; we get excited and start planning how to bring it into our kitchens.

However when you think a bit about it, about the particulars… about the practical; is this really a good idea for MY kitchen? Why would I need that one (such as a double wall oven)? Why is the layout like that, would it work for me, or anyone? You need to make sure you think about what you use your kitchen for. Are you a chef? Do you cook or bake often? Do you use it to entertain or is it just a showpiece for when you have catered parties?

That fancy stainless steel fridge. Is the metal something you can easily keep dent-free and clean from sticky fingerprints, is there a kickboard so that the door doesn’t hit your toes, are the handles small enough that you do not hurt your hand when you walkby, are the shelves easy to keep clean, is the style one that won’t look old in 5 years?

What about the counters in the kitchen; real marble looks beautiful but are you a person who is not concerned about bacteria, or don’t mind a varied look (marble is sensitive to acids, colour etc, which after frequent use can start to show on its surface).

What about all the small appliances? New/old, colourful looks that we want because they look so pretty. Some bulky designs take so much space in your kitchen that there is no counter space left for cooking and baking.

Different kinds of kitchen light fixtures have been showing up in magazines. Sparkling crystal light fixtures hanging over the top of the island next to the wall oven… imagine how it will look in a couple months after all the dust, kitchen oils and flour puffs cover them up, do you really want to clean them to keep them sparkling?

The kitchen can have many roles in your home and that is important to keep in mind when you are designing. Also consider what your role is, do you hire help to clean? Do you cook or bake yourself or do you hire someone? Are you planning to re-sell your home in the next few years? The kitchen is most likely your homes centerpiece, so no matter what you do, make sure it is one that you are proud of.

What do you consider important and on trend in kitchens?


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