A quick guide to kitchen recycling and waste disposal

Cooking can create a large amount of waste and recycling;

You’ve probably noticed how inconvenient it is to clean plates before putting them into a dishwasher to prevent it from clogging and leaving your plates dirty. You have to open your sink cabinet at the same time as your dishwasher and reach to find your bins, open the lids (green waste) and garbage. The waste bins can often be damp, smelly, and messy and something you might leave out for a little too long.

The same mess happens when you prepare meals; your table is floating with scraps and vegetable bits.

Are there any solutions to make all this more efficient and practical?

Here are a few ideas to make cleaning up the kitchen mess a little simpler:

Blanco's integrated waste disposal bin

Blanco's integrated waste disposal bin

  • Place your garbage and green bins on one side of the sink cabinet, and your dishwasher on the other side
  • Add a garbage cabinet door that pulls out the bins and where the lid stays in the cabinet (you need lids to prevent the odor)
  • Install a push mechanism in the cabinet door so you can free up a hand
  • Consider an organic waste shoot, which you can assemble into the counter; some come with covers some not (cleaning the shoot itself is messy work, so make sure that it is removable or at least easy to reach in and clean) and of course you’ll need a separate waste cabinet next to the sink for recyclables and non-organic waste
  • If possible geta double sink with the waste shoot in the middle so that your sink cabinet can double for your organic waste storage (freeing up a cabinet for other kitchen necessities)
  • Some people usegarbage compactor in the sink, but I would not recommend that for environmental reasons ( food is a fertilizer, pollution, and it goes into our lakes)
Richelieu's slide out waste and recycling centers

Richelieu's slide out waste and recycling centers

What tips do you have to share for keeping your kitchen tidy?

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