Thinking of children's room where kids can actually play?

There is no limit for the imagination. Children could take part in design processes; favorite colours, theme, purpose. Safety is also an important issue to take into consideration. There are so many great fabrics to choose from. Wallpaper is possible to custom print of a photo or another favorite images. Also now wallpapers are easy to remove when taste changes and children grow.

A handy person could even create more unique designs.

What a joy it can be when a child sees their new room for the first time!

Lighting, beautiful and practical

It's really a good idea to think about the lighting in your home, not just the aesthetics but also about the practical side of effective lighting. It affects us especially in the fall, winter and spring months.

When you do work, such as cooking or paperwork, you need proper lighting, so that you do not get shadows or glare.

Good lighting is especially important in the kitchen, the heart of your home. Under cabinet lighting, stove lights, overall light, accent light and even different zoning for lights need to be thought out and planned. For example; looking at your work counter top (not your island top) that is tucked beneath overhead cabinets and has brighter under lights than general lighting will produce fewer shadows.

Island lighting should have shades so that a light bulb does not glare into your eyes. Tip: be careful of pot lights, they usually produce shadows on your face so they may give you a less than attractive appearance!

So overall when you have different layers of light the total lighting works really well. You can use as a guideline; ceiling light, mid section light (island lights or in other places, wall sconces or floor light)and lower section lights; under cabinet lighting or table lamps. You can always add pot lights to showcase (enhance) wall texture, art or other light fixture etc..

Today LED is the way to go. They last a long time, but you have to be very knowledgeable about which you choose. The LED bulb and fixture development are very rapid; and new, better and more beautiful solutions come to the market all the time.

Ambiance Lighting

Ambiance Lighting

Hand blown glass light fixtures

Hand blown glass light fixtures

Origami inspired shade

Origami inspired shade

Futuristic LED lighting

Futuristic LED lighting

Fun and new

Fun and new

Bright LED lighting for an office or even for your basement

Bright LED lighting for an office or even for your basement

Secto Design at IIDEX Toronto 2015 December 2. booth no 5917

New company in Canadian Market; IIDEX Toronto Metro Convention Centre/North building(Dec.2 to 3.) Boot

We are getting a new flare for lighting from Finland.

The acclaimed Secto Design lamps were born of a genuine need, and the innovative use of wood material and skilled craftsmanship. They are beautifully made, using LED bulbs and they create a warm ambiance.

Please read more on Secto Design here

New trends for home furniture

Whether it is for downsizing or a smaller place more compact, ergonomic and smaller scale furniture is coming. There are many influences from the 70ties even from the fifties. Copies of timeless designer pieces have now some new colours and different kinds of fabrics/materials.

Soft pink tones, turquoise and browns are coming. Many furniture pieces are fun looking and great to sit on.

The trend seems to be that the overall look in the room is very neutral; white grey, black and then splashes of colour has been added with a few pieces of colourful furniture.

These few photos are from design shows in Europe.

Flooring is not boring!

If you are thinking of carpeting in your space you can now experiment with carpet squares (modules). They give you a lot of options; different materials and patterns and sizes. You do not glue pieces into your sub floor so f any spills/stains happen you can easily clean it or replace a piece instead.

Years to come you can change overall pattern, texture and colours so you are not stuck with the same look forever.

These are great in family room, play/kids rooms, basement (depending of material) to just mention few.

A Bathroom Upgrade: Glass shower “closure”

Today we are using more and more barrier free shower rooms and areas. Even a small bathroom looks bigger and more modern. So when you have the possibility of structurally installing an infinity drainage you have many choices on how to prevent water splashing when showering.

There are also stationary glass “walls” and then there are swivel ones. In a small tight space these glass doors with hinges could be turn towards a wall when not showering. There are many different styles even curved ones. Also you can choose from different glass types and styles..

Bathroom Innovation; Wall toilets

Wall toilets are becoming more and more popular. People appreciate easy floor cleaning and also a simple bowl design. The toilet flush buttons have many kinds of designs and of course they come with double flush options. You can also install them for a more convenient height and they look very stylish.

The only thing is that the installation, especially if you want it in existing bathroom, can be costly and challenging.

In the photo you can see the water tank and supporting brackets which go inside a wall. The wall should be thicker, about 4” thicker than normal, and also there should be a service opening on the other side of the wall because if something happens you have an access to the water tank etc.


To avoid building a thicker wall and an access (which is often times impossible) you can have other solutions and very practical ones. Here are a few ideas below:

Modern compact kitchen

In this compact modern kitchen you have everything you need.

You could mix different materials and colours, just keep it simple style-wise. Modern apartment size built-in appliances even an exhaust fan between upper cabinets and sliding cachets on back splash for I-pad etc. free up more counter space for cooking and entertaining.

Materials are easy to clean. Mixing wood, matte finishes with shiny ones like quartz and lacquered cabinet doors lessens noise. Choose trendy colours in a few places where you can replace them in few years time can keep the space looking fresh and stylish, see for example cabinet doors and accessories.

Shower Bench

Do you like sitting in the shower?

You don’t always have to build an expensive tile shower bench. They aren’t very comfortable to sit on. They can feel cold and slippery and keeping grout lines clean can be a challenge.


Today there are many new solutions available to the classic tile seat. One can put in a readymade acrylic wall bench when one renovates or builds a shower area. There are also good quality stools which stand water and are heavy enough not to slide away. Here are samples from , they have many great accessories to your shower.

Acoustic control

Because of the trend for hard surfaces, such as quartz, tile and steel for kitchen countertops, tables, appliances, floors and cabinets, there is a growing problem of excess noise in the kitchen (caused also by echoes). A hot new design trend is to install speakers that double as acoustic elements to absorb and muffle the sound in this noise reflective room.