You have three options when it comes to completing your kitchen and bathroom project:


DIY: Manage (or even do)  the project yourself

  • plan and design
  • find the suppliers for: cabinets, counters, faucets, equipment, materials, lighting, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, installation...
  • get quotes, sign the contracts, schedule, do buying and oversee the project

Contact a reputable kitchen or bath retailer. 

  • they will visit your home and prepare their design using their own products
  • the design documents will not be given to you for competitive bids; you need to do this process all over with each vendor
  • retailers often use their preferred trades
    • you will interact with the various suppliers during the renovation

    Using an independent Kitchen and Bath Specialist

    • you will start with a consultation to clarify your expectations, dreams and preferences
    • you will be presented with the complete design (layout, materials, lighting, cabinets...)  which you own
    • only recommended and your choice of suppliers will be requested to quote
    • the specialist will support you all the way in the selection and buying process for all the materials, appliances and supplies
    • the schedule and budget will be managed for you, if you choose
    • you will get the benefit of years of professional experience and unbiased advise